The one-of-a-kind, revolutionary EZBIB!

EZBIB Overalls



*Insulated bibs are now available*



Experience the game changing convenience of wearing an EZ BIB:

Manufactured by: Chicago Protective Apparel, a PPE company since 1913

After watching the video, it should be obvious why you would choose an EZ BIB over a regular one...

Information on Standard EZ Bibs:

They are made of the highest quality material:

  • Made from Westex Flame Retardant fabric, 11 oz Carmel Ultra Soft Duck, this material is very similar in looks and durability as Carhartt

Durable design

  • They are also sewn with an FR thread of matching color and back-tacked at the stress points.  

 Featuring our patent pending design

  • Comprising a one-way zipper that enables you to take the bibs on and off while you are still on your feet. The special covered snap flap protects the zipper from the elements and acts as a barrier to help keep the legs warm.

Additional features include:

  • Multiple pockets
  • Hammer loop
  • Heavy-duty Nexus Clips
  • Reinforced knees
  • Bachelor buttons on sides
  • Wider V-shaped yoke on the back for comfort

Fabric is Fire Resistant

The fabric itself is an added safety feature in case of accidental contact with flame or contact with a hot surface. 

Its unique properties of being a flame resistant material resists ignition and constant flame support by self-extinguishing within a 2-5 sec time period. User should understand the applications and exceptions to the fabric’s basic design, and can visit westex.com for Tech support and video demonstration. Meets ASTM 1506 (Flame test Std).

When ordering be sure to specify:

Waist size:

  • L 36-38
  • XL 40-42
  • XXL 44-46
  • XXXL 48-50
  • XXXXL 52-54


  • Short - 27" Inseam
  • Regular - 29" Inseam
  • Tall - 32" Inseam

The adjustable Nexus clip straps at the top of the bib will allow you to adjust more or less to your desired fit. Custom Sizes available on request.  Contact us here for custom orders and for any other product inquiry.


    $ 290.00